School News.

                 Mrs Brigid Hoyne: Muinteoir  í Scoil San Lionard ó 1973-2009.                                          Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.

The Staff and Board of Management of St. Leonards N.S. deeply regret the passing of our beloved colleague and friend, Mrs. Brigid Hoyne who taught in Dunnamaggin from 1973-2009, giving hundreds of infants a nurturing and caring start to their education.

In recognition of her contribution to the school, St. Leonards will close on Monday 29th of January for her funeral.


School will be closed on Tuesday November 28th for Curriculum Training Day

School will be closed on  Monday October 18th  & also Tuesday October 17th due to Storm Ophelia and Department of Education  guidelines.

  September 2017

Welcome back to all our pupils (134) and we, the staff hope you enjoy this new school year.

A special welcome to our new pupils who joined junior infants.

Boys: William Holden, Tommy Holden, Adam Connery, Eddie Butler, Eoin Fogarty, Tommy Crean, Ben Delahunty, Danny Connolly, Tomás Hickey,   Girls: Méabh O Sullivan, Aoife McCormack, Lily Sheridan, Ruth Moylan, Leah Lahart, Rachel Hurley, Keira Lyons, Aimee Hickey, Ellie O Neill Weekes, Emily O Neill.

We hope they settle in well and are very happy at St. Leonard’s. The new infants will go home at 12.15pm for the first 2 weeks to ease them into school life. From Wednesday 13th September they will go home at 2pm.

Staff: We welcome Ms. Mary McCluskey to our staff. Mary is our new SNA covering .5 of a post.

Ms. Croke: Junior Infants (19)

Ms. Langton: Seniors & First (22)

Ms. O Sullivan: 2nd & 3rd (29)

Ms. Vera O Dwyer: 3rd & 4th (31)

Ms. Roseanne Connolly: 5th & 6th (33)

Ms. Jackie Delahunty: Learning Support

Ms. Caroline Walton: Resource Teacher shared with Kilmanagh & Newmarket

S.N.A.’s:   Ms. Delahunty,   Ms. Kennedy, Ms McCluskey

Closure: School will close next Thursday 14th at 1.45pm for a staff meeting.

Mass: Our back to school mass will be on Friday morning in the church at 9.30am.

Insurance & Diary: Each year, similar to the majority of Irish primary schools, we offer 24-hour cover to all pupils in our school. It is a cover, which the G.A.A. has deemed necessary for their juvenile members in the past, and we urge all parents to avail of this option. The cost of the insurance and homework diary is €13 (€9 insurance €4 diary).

Payment of money due: Payments will be taken at the office on any Friday morning 9.20 –11am.   Please do not give children money on other days for safety reasons.

School Blog: The school has a blog which can be viewed at This contains lots of school information and will be updated regularly or you can also follow us on twitter, dunnamaggin ns.

Telephone number or address change: If any parents contact details have changed recently please inform your child’s class teacher in writing giving both the old and new number. This is especially helpful if we need to contact you in an emergency or through the school text message system.

Opening and closing times: School starts at 9.20am and finishes at 3.00pm. Juniors and seniors finish at 2pm. Children will be escorted to the school gates for collection by parents. If it is raining children can be collected at classroom door. Children are supervised in the schoolyard from 9.10am. No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before this time.

Pupils leaving during school time: Parents/guardians must notify the teacher in advance if their child must leave the school during school time and indicate who will collect the child. Parents who wish to collect their child early from school must collect him/her from the classroom door.

Absences: Under the Education Welfare Act 2000 the school is obliged to inform the Education Welfare Officer of all absences exceeding 20 days during the academic year. Parents must inform the school in writing the reason for their child’s absence.

Healthy Lunches: As part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E) Programme we encourage the children to become more aware of the need for healthy food in their lunch boxes. Foods not allowed in school include: Crisps, Fizzy drinks, Sweets, Chocolate biscuits/bars. Unfortunately demand for milk was not high enough last year to continue with it this year.

Credit Union scheme: This will begin again soon. It is a computerised branch of the Credit Union in Kilkenny and offers the children a convenient way to save money on a weekly basis. It is open to all children from junior infants upwards. We will supply books to those not already in the scheme who wish to join. Only lodgements of notes or €1 and €2 coins are accepted and a signed lodgement slip. Please put money in a zip-lock bag or bank bag for safety.

Homework: Homework is assigned Monday to Thursday as per our Homework Policy with the children being excused homework on weekends provided that their work has been conscientiously and satisfactorily done on the other nights. Homework is never given on unfamiliar subjects. Suggested timeframe for homework:

Infants : 15 –20mins

1st/2nd: 25 –30 mins

3rd/4th: 35 – 40 mins

5th/6th: 50 – 75 mins.

Children in all classes except infants have a homework diary which parents are required to sign. If homework is not completed a note to the teacher should be written in the homework notebook. If parents have an issue with the amount of time spent/difficulty level, please bring it to the class teacher’s attention immediately.

It is important that children have someplace quite to study away from noise and distraction –a busy kitchen or a room near a television are not recommended!

St. Leonard’s N.S Discipline Programme

Stage 1: Oral warning from the class teacher including advice on how to improve.

Stage 2: Written warning.

(Childs name noted by class teacher on board, sheet etc)

Stage 3: Temporary separation from peers within the class- may include being kept in classroom to finish work not done because of misbehaviour.

Stage 4: Note sent home detailing unacceptable behaviour.

Stage 5: Referral to Principal

Stage 6: Meeting between parents, principal and class teacher.

The children are made aware of the stages by the class teacher. The stages are used at the teacher’s discretion. If the misbehaviour persists after stage 5 the child’s parents are invited to meet with the teacher and principal.

Mobile Phones: Pupils are not allowed bring mobile phones to school. Parents may contact their child through the school phone. Pupils may use the school phone with permission from the teacher.

 Parent /Teacher meetings are scheduled for late November. You will be notified of the date and times in due course. If a parent has any concerns please make an appointment to speak to the class teacher.

School Calendar of closures for the year was sent home with the booklists in June and is also available on our blog.

Extra Curricular Activities: I would like to thank all the teachers involved in the long list of extracurricular activities in our school. From GAA to Spikeball, swimming, debating, school choir, Junior Entrepreneur Programme, Green Schools there is much activity during the year. Well done to all our winners in the Iverk Show. I would also like to thank all the parents who assist with transport. Football games for boys and girls will begin shortly. Training for girls begins today Monday.

Boys will play their first match this Wednesday in Dunnamaggin Pitch after school versus Callan.